Learn to Read & Write Chess by Dr. Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield

$ 2.00

This one of a kind workbook is meant for anyone learning chess notation! Developed by Jeanne Sinquefield, co-founder of the Saint Louis Chess Club and spearhead of the Boy Scouts Chess Merit Badge; this book has everything you need! Easy-to-use for the visual learner, this well-designed guide merges reading, talking, writing, and physically moving pieces; to understand chess notation in no time! Download if for FREE now!


"This book will help any chess player learn to read and write chess. This is also a great resource for parents and coaches. I wish I had learned at a younger age." - Tony Rich, Executive Director, Saint Louis Chess Club

"Chess has a reputation for being hard and difficult to learn. Not true! When you learn to read and write chess, it becomes so much easier. I learned to read at age 4." - Yasser Seirwan, Four-Time U.S. Chess Champion. 

This booklet can be used in a classroom to help kids:

A.) Learn to read, write, and follow directions

B.) Increase spatial awareness to recognize patterns

C.) Develop memorization skills and stategies for problem solving" - Karen Wulff, Retired second grade teacher  


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