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Stowit Storage Box

Stowit Storage Box

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Use Stowit to keep all your favorite jewelry pieces in one place, making them easy to access. Each drawer features a linen pad to keep your jewelry from shifting around or getting damaged. The simple, modern design of Stowit is an attractive addition to your dresser, nightstand, desk, or wherever you choose to put it. Plus, the protective rubber feet keep it securely in place and ensure whichever surface you place it on won’t get scratched by the wood and metal design.

Jewelry Box and Keepsake Organizer

Stowit includes several different sized storage drawers and hidden compartments for a variety of accessories.

Large Display Top

Use Stowit's top surface to store your most frequently used jewelry and accessories for quick grab-and-go access.

Private Hidden Storage

Stowit features hidden storage compartments that allows your jewelry to be kept private and out of sight.

Protective Rubber Feet and Fabric

Stowit features small rubber feet to help keep it in place and the surface you put it on scratch-free; inside, each drawer includes protective fabric that helps ensure your jewelry doesn’t scratch.