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Poise Two Tiered Tray White

Poise Two Tiered Tray White

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No more rifling through your jewelry box or drawer to find important items that should be easily accessible. Display them with pride and ease with this elegant and innovative storage solution.

Introducing Poise by Umbra

Poise makes use of vertical storage space by giving you not just one, but two trays to keep your items. Made of a plated metal, and available in two sizes, Poise’s two-tiered design is ideal for jewelry storage or for keeping other small items safe and organized.

Store larger items like bracelets and watches in the bottom tray, and smaller items such as rings or earrings in the top.

The soft padded base ensures your table top or other surfaces are protected from scratches making Poise safe for bedside tables or dressers, bathroom or kitchen counter tops, entryway tables, or wherever its need most.


Poise isn’t just for jewelry. Use it as a makeup tray, trinket dish, candy dish or a tiered serving stand to present cupcakes or small pastries at birthday or holiday parties. Use it to keep office supplies, like paper clips and sticky notes organized, or to store craft supplies, makeup, beauty supplies, and more!

Start organizing your smaller items by ordering this creative and useful storage solution today!