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Move By Move (Autographed By Author)

Move By Move (Autographed By Author)

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A little book of life advice drawing on the timeless wisdom of chess from Maurice Ashley, the first African American Chess Grandmaster.

At age thirty-three, Maurice Ashley became the first African American to attain the rank of International Grand Master of Chess. Since that historic moment, he has brought his love of the game to a wide audience as an educator, innovator, and motivational speaker.

Move by Move, Ashley guides readers through the essential lessons that chess has taught him about life, using both personal examples from his rise from an immigrant kid playing matches in Brooklyn parks to the most rarified levels of competition, as well as insights and anecdotes from fellow notable chess players. In short chapters with practical takeaways, this book reaches from the fundamental to the counterintuitive on subjects ranging from self-knowledge to strategic thinking to the importance of failure. This little book of wisdom is the perfect gift for graduates, chess enthusiasts, and anyone interested in understanding how lessons from the most famous and long-lasting game of strategy can help you reach your personal and professional goals.

NOT JUST FOR CHESS PLAYERS: Chess is timeless. This book is perfect for anyone who plays chess, is chess-aspirational, or just has positive associations with the game. For the reader seeking a motivational book with actionable takeaways, Maurice Ashley offers the perfect authoritative yet accessible volume.

AUTHORITATIVE, EXPERT AUTHOR: Maurice Ashley made history as the first African American Grandmaster in the annals of the game and translates his love of chess to others as a three-time national championship coach, ESPN commentator, 
NBC National Chess Championships commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker.