Chess 4

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Chess4 moves traditional chess into the 21st century. The two king battle has now escalated into a four kings World War. No longer is it just king against kings, now it's kingdom against kingdoms. Two, three, or four players can now challenge one another or form alliances with other players and begin a fascinating game of team chess. Chess4 enables players to use new military strategies never seen before in a game of chess. The traditional line of defense once deployed to guard against a frontal confrontation is now under serious attack with this four dimensional Chess4. Capture another player's king and increase your military might by using the captured king's remaining pieces to conquer your opposing enemies. The classic strategies of chess are helpful. However, Beware! Now danger lurks from enemy attacks not only from a head-on confrontation but also from enemies attacking your right and left flanks. The rules are the same, but the game is dangerously different!, Standard Chess game board is also included.

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