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2024 Cairns Cup Wooden Board [Autographed]

2024 Cairns Cup Wooden Board [Autographed]

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Experience the excitement and prestige of the 2024 Cairns Cup with this limited edition wooden board, signed by all the skilled players who competed. Adorned with the iconic Cairns Cup logo on the a8 and h1 squares, this unique board is a must-have for any chess enthusiast.

Signatures are as follows:

GM Tan Zhongyi - d5

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk - e6

GM Nana Dzagnidze - d3

GM Harika Dronavalli - f3

IM Alice Lee - g6

GM Mariya Muzychuk - e4

GM Anna Muzychuk - f5

GM Irina Krush - c4

IM Anna Zatonskih - b3

GM Elisabeth Paehtz - c6