WCHOF Music Series: YourSong, Volume 1 Album Release by Erin Bode

WCHOF Music Series: YourSong, Volume 1 Album Release by Erin Bode

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Enjoy a live performance of selections from YourSong, Volume 1, the newest album by traditional jazz and pop artist, Erin Bode. Erin will share the story and inspiration behind each piece, including how her unique project continues to foster connection, which is what music is truly about.

Erin Bode has brought an entirely new concept to the world of music. When a fan approached her and asked her to record a song for his wife on their anniversary, a world of positive possibility opened up. Erin continued to connect with fans and not just record, but also compose specific songs. In a world of massive stages and distanced celebrity, Erin Bode has developed a new space, a form of intimacy between artist and listener that truly reflects and bolsters the human spirit.

Reservations are required.

6:30 p.m. | Doors Open

7:00 p.m. | Concert

$20 General Admission. $10 (50% off) for WCHOF members, seniors, and military personnel. Use code MEMBERTICKET at checkout.

For additional information, please call 314-367-9243 or email events@worldchesshof.org.