IMPERFECT Autographed 2018 US Chess Championship Roll Up Boards

$ 175.00

These boardscontain marker smears / imperfections. Sold as-is!, Grab yourself a timeless piece of history from the Saint Louis Chess Campus! These colorful red and blue 2018 US Chess Championship roll up vinyl boards are signed by all players from the US Chess Championship and the US Women's Chess Championship., Signatures include:From the US Chess Championship:Fabiano Caruana,Hikaru Nakamura,Wesley So,Alex Onischuk,Ray Robson,Sam Shankland,Varuzhan Akobian,Jeffery Xiong,Alex Lenderman,Awonder Liang,Yaroslav Zherebukh, andZviad Izoria., From the US Women's Chess Championship:Irina Krush,Anna Zatonskih,Tatev Abrahamyan,Nazi Paikidze,Sabina Foisor,Jennifer Yu,Annie Wang,Maggie Feng,Anna Sharevich,Dorsa Derakhshani,Akshita Gorti, andRusudan Goletiani., Each Campustom-designed board comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, featuring sle signatures of each field., Proceeds from the purchase of these boards benefit the Saint Louis Chess Campus.

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