FIDE Arbiter Seminar (In-Person)

FIDE Arbiter Seminar (In-Person)

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In-person FIDE Arbiter (FA) Seminar run per the regulations posted at
The following topics will be covered:
a) Laws of Chess

b) Use of electronic clocks
c) System of games, tie breaks
d) Swiss system and pairing rules
e) Anti‐cheating guidelines for Arbiters
f) Regulations for the titles of Arbiters
g) FIDE Competition Rules and standards of chess equipment
h) Rating and over‐the‐board titles

Organizer: Grand Chess Tour/Saint Louis Chess Club
Lecturer: IO, IA Aris Marghetis
Where: AC Hotel St. Louis Central West End, 215 York Avenue, St Louis, Missouri, USA, 63108
Dates: August 31-September 2, 2022 (9am-5pm each day)
Maximum of 20 places available.

The testing day for the written FA exam will be September 2, 2022. The duration of the FA Exam shall be 4 hours. Participants who achieve 80% and above will be awarded one (1) norm for the title of FIDE Arbiter.

Participant Requirements: Participants must hold a current FIDE National Arbiter license.
Maximum of 20 places available.

For questions relating to this event, please contact Chris Bird,