Encore' Samuel Pepys Set Postcard

$ 1.00

5x7" postcard from our Encore exhibit, which entails Jon Crumiller's extensive collection of ivory chess sets from around the world., "This Samuel Pepys set is named not for its maker, but for a famous man once believed, but now disproven, to have been given a set of this type by King James II of England. Made in India, it features a hybrid of British and Indian stylistic influences. The towers on the rooks, as well as the shapes of the bishops, communicate the taste of the British consumers of the sets, while the carved decorations reflect the artistic traditions of India. The tall, slender forms of the sets made them impractical for playing, as they could be easily knocked over during a game. The set is paired with a Sadeli Indian board. Sadeli is a type of micro mosaic with repeating geometric patterns. Exles of Sadeli work date back to the 16th century.", For more information, check out the Encore page on our website here.

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