Encore' John Company Set Postcard

$ 1.00

5x7" postcard from our Encore exhibit, which entails Jon Crumiller's extensive collection of ivory chess sets from around the world., "East India John Company chess sets derive their title from the nickname of the East India Company, which operated in India until 1874. Some of the John sets depicted the army of the East India Company combatting an Indian army. A carving center staffed by master artisans was established in Berhur, India, where the British had built a military barracks. There, beautiful chess sets like this one were produced to meet the demand of British citizens living in India, as well as visiting tourists and foreign dignitaries. The set is paired with an Indian board that includes the iconography of Indian chess sets on the white squares on the back rank.", For more information, check out the Encore page on our website here.

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