Encore' Inuit Walrus Ivory Set Postcard

$ 1.00

5x7" postcard from our Encore exhibit, which entails Jon Crumiller's extensive collection of ivory chess sets from around the world., "Creatures of the arctic, including bears, whales, eagles, seals, and walrus take center stage in this charming mid-20th-century chess set. As in Kholmogory, Russia, there were long traditions of bone and ivory carving in Alaska that artists adapted to creating trade items after contact with outside cultures. These included scrimshaw and small decorative items, and by the late 19th and early 20th centuries incorporated chess sets. This set embraces the unique qualities of walrus ivory, which often gains a yellow and white marbled quality with age, to depict the two opposing sides. This set is paired with an Inuit chessboard made of strips of woven fur.", For more information, check out the Encore page on our website here.

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