Encore' French Waterloo Ivory Set Postcard

$ 1.00

5x7" postcard from our Encore exhibit, which entails Jon Crumiller's extensive collection of ivory chess sets from around the world.

"Many of the pieces in this polychromed chess set are based upon historical figures from the French Emperor Napoleon's final conflict, the Battle of Waterloo. On the French side, Napoleon is king and the Empress Marie Louise is queen, the bishops are Marshals Michel Ney and Jean-de-Dieu Soult, and the rooks are columns topped with the French Imperial Eagle, the standard carried by Napoleon's forces into battle. On the British side, King George III and Queen Charlotte lead a force that includes Major-General Lord Edward Somerset (with one arm) and Colonel John Cameron as bishops. The set is paired with a gilded French gaming table."

For more information, check out the Encore page on our website here.

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