Complimentary Curator Tour: Sound Moves: Where Music Meets Chess & T.S. Eliot: A Game of Chess

Complimentary Curator Tour: Sound Moves: Where Music Meets Chess & T.S. Eliot: A Game of Chess

Location: World Chess Hall of Fame, 4652 Maryland Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63108

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Learn more about the intersections of music, chess, and poetry with complimentary tours of the WCHOF's newest exhibitions, Sound Moves: Where Music Meets Chess and T.S. Eliot: A Game of Chess. The tour is about one hour and includes refreshments.

T. S. Eliot: A Game of Chess explores Eliot’s famous poem, The Waste Land, through the theme of chess. After World War I, the Spanish Flu, and his father’s death, Eliot wrote The Waste Land, a poem expressing grief and feelings of alienation in a rapidly modernizing society. Situated just steps from his parent’s home in Saint Louis' Central West End, this exhibit features artifacts and multimedia displays relating to Eliot’s poem, his chess metaphors, and the many strands of his life that he wove into his writing.

Sound Moves: Where Music Meets Chess explores the diversity of intersections shared by two of the world’s most universally beloved endeavors, the art and sport of chess and the production, performance, and experience of music. The exhibition features albums, videos, photographs and instruments from some of history’s most famous chess players and musicians, including Katy Perry, the Kid LAROI, RZA and GZA, Garry Kasparov, A.D. Philidor, Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage, Chuck Berry, Sting, Patti Smith, Julian Casablancas, the White Stripes, Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie among others.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023: 6pm-Free
Tuesday, July 11, 2023: 12pm-Free
Tuesday, August 8, 2023: 12pm-Free
Wednesday, September 13, 2023: 6pm-Free
Tuesday, October 3, 2023: 12pm-Free
Tuesday, November 7, 2023: 12pm-Free
Tuesday, December 5, 2023: 12pm-Free
Tuesday, January 9, 2024: 12pm-Free

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