Blindfold Chess

$ 39.95

For centuries, blindfold chess -the art of playing without sight of the board or pieces- has produced some of the greatest feats in human memory, progressing to the extent that the world record in 2009 was 45 (and is now 46) simultaneous blindfold games. This work describes the personalities and achievements of some of blindolf chess's greatest players -including Philidor, Morphy, Blackburne, Zukertort, Pillsbury, Reti, Alekhine, Koltanowski, Najdorf, and Fine, as well as present-day grandmasters such as Anand and Kramnik. Including some never before published, 444 games scores are presented, peppered with diagrams and annotations. Hints for playing blindfold, and its practical value, are also included.

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