2019 Chess 9LX Vinyl Roll-up Board (Autographed)

$ 125.00

Commemorate your favorite chess showdown with the 2019 Chess 9LX autographed vinyl roll-up board. This board is available in two variants:

one autographed by Garry Kasparov (e4) and Fabiano Caruana (d5)

another autographed by all participating Grandmasters: Garry Kasparov (e4), Fabiano Caruana (d5), Hikaru Nakamura (d3), Levon Aronian (f5), Wesley So (c4), Veselin Topalov (e6), Peter Svidler (c6), and Leinier Dominguez (f3). 

Each board comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying the signatures on the board as genuine and authentic.

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