Shelter At Home Chess Bundle $30 (Free Pieces + Shipping)

Beat boredom and keep your mind sharp! This travel chess set is portable, durable, and can be easily disinfected. 

Bundle includes:

- 2 Basic Club Pieces Half Sets (any colors)

- 1 WCHOF Premium Roll Up Chess Board (any color)

- 1 WCHOF Chess Travel Bag

- 1 copy of "Learn to Read & Write Chess" by Dr. Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield

- 1 WCHOF Jewel Pencil (any color)

- FREE Shipping (USA only)

Discount of $10 (2 basic club pieces half sets) will be automatically applied at checkout. Must include the above-mentioned items in the cart to receive discount. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

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